Rapid Product Release

Forcite has many years of experience and can provide rapid turn-key development with low impact to helmet companies' internal resources. The proprietary mechanisms developed for for the integration of electronics into helmets safely will deliver acceleration to any partner. The Forcite team is highly agile and mobile. 

The company has strong partnerships in place with manufacturing suppliers and the base EON system core can be utilised and quickly modified to different needs.



The Forcite team has clocked up hundreds of hours studying the safe integration of electronics into helmets and considers rotational acceleration, dispersion of impact forces and weight distribution in every design. The compliance to mechanical and electronic standards are at the core of all of Forcite’s work.

A world leading battery technology has been utilised which will not explode or leak on cutting, puncturing or impact. 



Forcite technology designers and developers have put in the hard effort and gained the experience through the development of light weight and compact wearable electronics that are able to withstand rugged conditions.  

The team has a user-driven design framework that creates the seamless coexistence of technology.

The hardware team is augmented with software design and development who focus on functional and elegant user experiences.


INCREASED CUSTomer engagement and brand virality

Through the creation of social objects (video’s, performance tracking metrics, etc) and direct connectivity to customers via phone apps, brands can unlock numerous potentials to enhance customer engagement, build super fans and escalate brand awareness via online channels.